Life Change Coach        

Together we Clarify then Realise Goals, Dreams & Action Plans  

Maybe you feel ready for a change in your life, to realise a long lived dream, create a new project, adventure, excitement,   a new path ….

Are you ready to explore new avenues and expand?

We work on tools that supports you in finding new functional ways to achieving your goals and creating constructive change. Life changes is a process of clarification inspiring you to create more meaning in your life.                                                              

The sessions will help you to live up to your fullest potential in many areas: 

* Moving through transitions & challenges with greater ease 

* Developing self-confidence & motivation

* Making important career choices

* Building a financial future that inspires and creates sustainability

* Improving family & friendship relations

* Enhancing your health & playtime

We will generate inspiring and easy-to-follow step-by-step recipes to implement in your life. 

Andréa´s non-judgmental listening provides a safe environment for you to experiment: through a balance of intuition and analysis she mirrors back your own answers and solutions. 

Her open questioning encourages you to generate creative insights. 

Andréa is a certified life-coach with training in psychology and holistic therapies. 

A self-made entrepreneur with her own successful company, she has lived in over 12 countries.

Currently along with 3 other visionaries they are building their long lived dream in Bali, setting up a Wellness and Community center around Yoga, Food and Wellness.

Besides coaching she is also a yoga teacher and Kitchen Lab Professor, who draws on her business background and yogic lifestyle to cook up new flavors and recipes for life.