Coaching Card Reading

The Coaching Card Reading sessions is a great way to dive deeper in to a particular matter, an issue, a question, a way to find a different angle to look at something that you cannot quite figure out on your own. You might not need or want to have an ongoing coaching process, rather a one off session to take a closer look at something you want to have resolved. 

The Cards are there to approach a subject, can be anything to activate a special link between topics and words, pictures, and questions. This link enables delving into issues and processes that are significant in our lives, leading to awareness and action by generating new points of view via which we can shift automatic patterns that we’ have been following in our daily lives.

* A great tool to within a short period of time be able to touch on the "real" issue.

* We can together untangle confusion, undeceiveness to gain clarity and how to move from one place to another.

* Gain insights to what is really going on and what is causing it.

* Clarify what matters to you and what is close to your heart.

The session can take anything between 1-2 hours and can be done either in person or by Skype.


Here is how some people who experienced a reading had to say about it:

"Coaching cards were a great tool. At the beginning I was wondering if it was like a tarot card but it was not. From my understanding the tool was used well to ask the right questions, in turn making me think and formulate my own action plan to the issue I had. The key is for me to come up with my own action plan and answers. You just help stimulate my mind but asking the right questions." Dilsiri, Sri Lanka

"Thank you so much Andrea for the amazing reading yesterday. I feel so rejuvenated, light, and at ease with a new lease of enthusiasm and faith in my life, my choices, and in my own self. You were able to understand my situation so quickly. I could feel your kindness, desire to help and support in the best possible way. I look forward to our next couching session!." Oksana, Bali

"I love the coaching cards and Andrea's guidance. 

they are a great way to get clarity and inspiration 

to resolves personal, relationship or professional obstacles. 

Andrea's questioning is very insightful, compassionate and motivating.

i highly recommend it." Damien, Bali


"I had the good fortune to have a coaching session with Andrea. She is an excellent coach. She has a very effective process with cards to identify the obstacles and patterns of behavior that have prevented me from advancing in my journey in this world. I highly recommend her to any body interested in working on herself or himself.". James, France