I was born in Sweden and since had the blessing for residing in over 10 countries, learning about people, languages and cultures from all corners of the world.

In the late 90s, Barcelona became my home and gave me the opportunity to develop and successfully run my own company,  a holiday apartment rental business in Barcelona. www.akaza.net  and a few years later I started training to become a certified Life Coach with Noble Manhattan in the UK.

In 2003 I discovered Ashtanga Yoga, which began as a way to stay healthy, but later became the catalyst to my self fulfillment; to achieve what I feel is important, really important in my life.

My latest adventure and project is setting up a life dream project together with three other visionaries here in Bali, www.samadibali.com A Yoga & Wellness Center bringing all our tools under one roof.

My life has been an endless adventure facing many of my fears and conditions. Combination of yoga, travels, coaching and of course natural maturity has given me opportunities to grow, gain more confidence and be more intuitive. Today I want to share these tools with others

I encourage my clients to take responsibility for themselves but not for anyone else. I believe that happiness and sadness both come from within and are not caused by anyone but oneself. I also believe that inside everyone there’s a power switch, and when you can switch that on, life flows in a new way. 

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