Natural highs for the body and mind

Food is a great generator of our state of mind. That is I why emphasise on the word Life cooking, we are what we eat!

Notice the un nourishing ingredient's in your life and you will quickly find out how draining they are,may it be a negative friend, a bad habit, arguments ?  

Maybe time to eliminate this out of your life?


Food is just the same. We are all energetic beings fueling up on wholesome nourishment, it can be simple things as a walk in the forest Fresh sea breeze, a healthy meal. What is healthy to you?


Fresh kicks

Cooked food, is food with less energy. Try to eat salads and non-cooked vegetables on a day to day basis, together with your other dishes. 


Deep fried food and high sugar food, drains energy. You might feel ‘full’ and content for a little while but with awareness you may notice that not long after a low energy kicks in, making you feel sleepy and slow.


If you eat meat

I am not saying do not eat meat, just avoid eating too much meat. (Just like avoid too much of anything for that matter) Only you know what is good for your body and by observing yourself, and how you feel, you can quickly learn what suits you as far as food goes.


Naturally organic

If you can, try to buy organic food, especially meat. As the food industry is today the exploitation of meat and animals it is uncomfortable to consider what animals are fed in those large farms breading animals to grow and slaughter at minimum cost – keeping them alive by any means till slaughter day. 


The meat industry is not only a cruel life for animals but the consequence of cruelty is passed on to those eating produced meat. Animals are living beings. They have feelings and emotions just like humans. Their energy is transmitted to us when we eat their meat. Eating meat from an animal that has spent its whole life in a cage passes on traces of drugs and low frequency energy to the eater.



If you have a healthy balanced diet, there should be no reason for you to take supplements. Eating several times a day in small proportions is a good way to enhance the metabolism and the body teaches itself to burn food throughout the day and not put weight on. Eating large meals one or two times a day can be very tiring. Eating very little teaches the body to store food and not use it properly, resulting in less energy, too.


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