Life cooking covers the full spectrum of life and its ingredient's. And although I split life into eight key areas, to get the best results from sessions, I believe that each part is interconnected –

  • Health
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Your significant other
  • Personal growth
  • Fun
  • Physical environment.
  • Career
  • Money

A guide for life

What we do is pinpoint areas in your life you want to change, it can be radical change it can be a simple smaller change but never the less important. Most of my clients until today have come to me for guidance in how to make some rather big changes in their life, creating a company, move countries, step out of  a certain secured and comfortable but unhappy life into a life worth living.


The client picks and chooses what topic they like to work on for each session and from there we start to create an action plan to reach the larger picture. I simply provide a confidential space and guidance, using tools and skills that, over time, become the client’s as well. As we talk, I listen to underlying clues – the unsaid and their tone of voice – to what fears and hindrance it is that keeps them from moving forward. So the process is very much a matter of carefully bringing blockages in the subconscious to the conscious. However, this work is not psychotherapy or counselling in any form.

Intro session (30 min – Free of charge)

In this session I will explain more in depth about the potentials of this process, what to expect from the sessions, potential insights and hindrances that might pop up.

A clarity of how the sessions would work, what is expected from both of us and the commitment this journey implies.

I will give a brief story about myself and my own life journey, to see if we can connect and create a platform of pure trust and openness for a larger and important transformation to take place.

The Intake Session (1.5 hours) is offered to those who sign up for the 6 session pack.

This preliminary session is designed to give me a picture of my client’s time line, a life story told from an openness that provides me an insight of who the client is and how life has shaped this person as it exists now.  We will also look at what they want to get out of our sessions,  and how to work out your values.  This session will be an amazing insight not only for me but also for the client to tell theirstory, which might not be something we find ourselves to do on a regular occasion. After the first session a little homework around values will be given.

Step 1  (one hour)

First step on our voyage ahead starts with a look at the clients values. A ground work that needs to be thoroughly worked to create a good and solid base and understanding of what is important in the clients life.  Values are what is we can not live without in our lives, such as life, peace, adventures, growth, connections, health etc.

Once this groundwork has been established we can dive into see how the values are present and lived by.

Usually this session brings great surprises to the client being unaware about what really matters to them and how some of their values are being compromised for various reasons.

“I don’t know what I want, let alone my deepest values!”

Relax. So getting clear on what you really want and on your deepest values may be a goal in itself. Whatever your starting point, we can work with it. This might be an intensive start for some, as it takes thorough thinking and pondering on, but once we have a clear picture it will be very handy to look back at when feeling out of balance.

Session two and onwards (1 hour)

We start of the session by aiming to “cook up a new dish”. The client will bring to the table a current situation that is not working for them and we will together figure out how we can move forward to not only make the mission set doable but also enjoyable.

One off session

For those who wish to just sign up for one session and focus on one particular subject, that they would like to gain clairty on, can be facilitated within this one hour session. 


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