The Beauty of Balance


Life is about balance in every aspect. In reality there is no such thing as right or wrong. Everyone holds their own limits and only you can really know what those limits are. How so?


By being aware and getting to know yourself. When I eat, how do I feel? When I exercise, sing, love, dance, laugh, cry, how do I feel?  

Tap into the sensations in your body, the mind, what is happening?     No one can tell you what is right for you, as we are all unique.


It is when we cannot find a good balance that life seems to get worse, when we are not feeling happy inside. And at this point, we need to act, and bring things back to a happy medium. This is not always so easy.  But this is where I come handy and can help you to pinpoint what is and what is not working in your present life. Together we look at where the scale is at, how to bring equilibrium back to your daily life.

Using certain tools and awareness.


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